I have experience shooting 10+ weddings as well as engagements and take pride in being able to be everywhere at once, I am always on my toes. I capture digital images as well at film photos (35mm and medium format 120). All wedding packages include 2 rolls of 35mm black and white film (about 60 photos) for that timeless look on your special day. Reach out to me via email if you’re looking to hire a wedding photographer.



I am a Montreal based photographer who has been documenting my experiences and adventures in the city as well as abroad. Mainly focusing on street photography and portraits, my passion for photography was sparked by taking photos of graffiti in the alleys of Montreal. I seek to capture candid moments and strive to tell a story through the context and emotion of my images. Navigating life camera in hand, I capture genuine interactions, always ready to freeze fleeting moments in time.

These are some of the companies and brands I have worked with:

If you are interested in hiring me please to not hesitate to message me with any questions you may have.

– Sofie